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Jed Schaible, VMD, MBA, CVPM

National Speaker

Dr. Schaible teaches practice owners, corporate practice leaders and industry marketers how to attract new clients and market products and services to pet parents and veterinarians.

Successful Clients

Dr. Schaible has clients ranging from progressive private practices all the way up to Fortune 1000 companies. His success with the latest marketing techologies is unmached.

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Whether it be new marketing technologies, advanced Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing or Paid and Earned Media campaigns, Dr. Schaible can cover it all and provide actionable and attainable take-home expertice for marketers of all kinds.

Advanced Tech

Learn how to fix you data online and syndicate promotions to new clients on the web. Learn how to implement call tracking and heat mapping to maximize your return.

Online Brand Reputation

Learn how to get powerful reviews on you Google+, Yelp and other local citations to help improve local search engine rankings on desktop and mobile devices.

Mobile Marketing

Attain a n analysis of your practice during live demonstrations and maximize your mobile footprint through search engine marketing.

Advertising ROI

Learn how to monitor and calculate the return of investment of ALL your marketing activities, including advertising.

Dr. Schaible's Bio:

Dr. Jed Schaible, VMD, MBA, CVPM is a veterinarian, speaker, author, entrepreneur, and a leading expert in veterinary practice management and marketing for veterinary practices and veterinary consumer brands. After graduating from University of Pennsylvania in 2005, he quickly rose within the Banfield Hospital corporation from associate partner to Partner Doctor status in record company time. He received numerous awards and revamped the company’s marketing plan for all new locations opened. After earning his MBA, Dr. Schaible attained financing for several veterinary ecommerce and mobile app development start-ups (which still exist) and has a diverse portfolio of veterinary industry websites that he is able to leverage to help rank practices in search engines.


Dr. Schaible joined the team at the nation’s largest veterinary group purchasing organization, Purchasing Services Inc., in early 2012 as their marketing expert. During his time with the company, Dr. Schaible provided marketing guidance not only within PSI, but to individual veterinarians, distributors, pharmaceutical companies, financial services companies and more. While Dr. Schaible had to step down from PSI to focus fully on The Vet Marketing Firm, he still maintains his relationship with PSI as their marketing expert and consultant.


Dr. Schaible combines his experience as a veterinarian, his love for all things techy and cutting-edge, with his science-based marketing expertise to advocate for today’s veterinarian and for veterinary B2B companies he believes in. He is passionate about maximizing client growth, transparent and ethical in his marketing strategies, and produces measurable results for his clients in the veterinary industry.


You may have seen his writing in journals such as Veterinary Economics, The Team Magazine, DVM360 or heard him speak at a local, state, or national veterinary conference. Dr. Schaible has clients internationally as CEO of The Vet Marketing Firm.


If you have a local VMA or an event you would like an engaging marketing speaker to entertain and educate your audience... reach out to Dr. Schaible. Dr. Schaible can attain sponsorship for meetings such as local VMAs and business group meetings.

Training Diplomate practice owners and managers how to promote their practices through PR and paid serach engine marketing to attain more referrals and direct-to-consumer appointments


Interactive Marketing Series

RACE Approved 3 hour series

October Vacation

Need Marketing Help?

The Vet Marketing Firm is here to help! Whether you are marketing veterinary services to pet parents or products and services to veterinarian decision-makers, VMF is here to help. The first hour of consultation is free to discuss your marketing plan with Jed Schaible, VMD, MBA, CVPM

Jed Schaible, VMD, MBA, CVPM

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Introduction to Paid Media & PR

VMA Meeting - Local SEO and Practice Data Online

Interactive Marketing Series

RACE Approved 3 hour series

  • Measure Twice, Cut Once: Calculating Markting ROI
  • No SEO, No Clients: Your Disappearing Website
  • Stop Hiding Your Good Deeds From The Internet

VMA Meeting - Local SEO and Practice Data Online

Expert and Author

Dr. Schaible writes for key industry publications such as Veterinary Economics, DVM360 and many more. He also is interviewed often as an expert by professional writers.

Clients You May Know:

  • Measure Twice, Cut Once: Calculating Markting ROI
  • No SEO, No Clients: Your Disappearing Website
  • Stop Hiding Your Good Deeds From The Internet

VMA Meeting - Live Website and SEO Analysis Case Studies

Leveraging Cloud Technologies to Improve Online Brand Reputation. Spoke along side of A-list speakers in the industry and beyond.

Five hour lecture series on SEO and SEM

INDUSTRY (PRIVATE) - Marketing multi-location practices. Just because your big doesn't mean you know what you are doing.

In person interactive consulting and practice analysis with data benchmarking for group members.

Executive Education on Mobile App Marketing Marketing Optimization in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

VMA Meeting - Local SEO and Practice Data Online


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